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Cómo leer la visualización

The visualization shows the articles that we identify as related to the curriculum of the third cycle of integrated basic education of Uruguay.

The size of the article, talk page, and introduction are expressed in bytes. The light colored circle represents the size of the article, the dark circle represents the size of the introduction, and the circumference with just the outline represents the size of the talk page.

The vertical axis, that is, the height of the point on the graph, represents the average number of daily visits during the year analyzed. Dashed lines indicate average daily visits in the previous year.

In the menu above you can choose a subject and the order of the articles on the horizontal axis. Hover over the circle to see more information, and click to go to the Wikipedia article.

The light-colored circle represents the size of the article, the dark-colored circle represents the introduction dimension, and the circumference represents the size of the talk page.
The pink color represents the social sciences and humanities, the green color represents the scientific-mathematical area, the light blue color represents communication and the arts and the violet color represents the technical-technological area.


The third cycle school curriculum is modeled on Wikidata.

You can browse the curriculum on Wikidata and access the complete list of topics that make up each program:

Here are some queries in Wikidata Query Service that may be of interest to you: