English Wiktionary template dumps

This is an index to template dump files from the English Wiktionary. Many of the more common internal linking templates such as {{l}} and {{m}} and other templates that have language code parameters are included.

They contain template instances from main, Reconstruction, and Appendix namespaces. They were generated from the pages-articles.xml.bz2 file in the dump. The folders are named by the date of the dump file: 20191201 was generated from enwiktionary-20191201-pages-articles.xml.bz2.

The format is a series of CBOR objects, each of which is equivalent to the JSON {"title":"woordenboek","templates":[{"name":"af","parameters":{"1":"nl","2":"woord","3":"-en-","4":"boek","t1":"word","t3":"book"},"text":"{{af|nl|woord|t1=word|-en-|boek|t3=book}}"}]}. It is faster to decode than JSON because strings are encoded without escape sequences and numbers are encoded binarily, but it may be harder to find libraries that parse sequences of CBOR objects as opposed to single CBOR objects.